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Reduced your customers’ ordering times, easily changing orders, scheduling and monitoring your labor in real-time, customizing seating arrangements to match your restaurant and location – these are all things that provide your business with the best customer service. Work with us, and get reduced operating costs – saving time and money!
Our POS and register systems allow for truly efficient, digital and user-friendly management of your business, with the ability to monitor your employees, customers’ orders and operations from the palm of your hand.
That’s right – we provide you the capability of mobile POS management with our industry-leading tablets! Integrating with your system, you can walk anywhere in your location, monitoring everything at all times. Contact A & G Cash Register today!
To inquire about ordering one of our POS or register systems, email: info@agcashregister.com
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SkyTab provides your workforce with increased efficiency and mobility while giving your customers faster service. SkyTab is a powerful addition to any Future POS install. 

Bar Rescue. Host Jon Taffer makes use of our award-winning
Future point-of-sale software.

Multi-Column Modifiers to Process Orders Quickly

Every option and addition for any item you sell can be found in one modifier window. There’s no need to move from screen to screen to locate what your customer wants, and there’s no need to search through hundreds of buttons every time!
Quick, intuitive ordering will make your customers happy and excited to visit your location every time. Same-day appointments can be available! Call for more information.

Mobile POS

Future POS handheld devices provide your workforce with increased efficiency and mobility while giving your customers faster service. Handheld devices are similar to a Future POS terminal, only portable.

FPOS Payments With EMV Credit Cards

When it comes to payment security, Future POS has always been an industry leader. We have several options to fit your needs. Do you just want a simple and inexpensive EMV solution that allows you to avoid EMV charge-backs? We have that. Or would you prefer a more robust solution that can show the customer their check and prompt for a tip and signature? We can do that too. Need a state of the art tableside ordering solution with built-in EMV and 3G failover? We are pretty much the only ones who can offer you that.
Future POS offers in-house payment processing services for an improved, more integrate the point-of-sale experience.
Prevent Fraud
Future POS offers in-house payment processing services for an improved, more integrate the point-of-sale experience.
Reduce Liability
POS processing that relies on SSL encryption is no longer PCI compliant and must be upgraded to a solution that uses more secure TLS encryption. Future POS Payments not only works with EMV terminals, but it’s also PA-DSS certified, which reduces liability for data security breaches.
Avoid Fines
MasterCard’s latest credit cards use a new Band Identification Number (BIN) and POS systems must be updated to accept these new cards, or you can be fined an assessment fee up to $20,000 per occurrence.

Surveillance With Text Insertion

When it comes to video surveillance, Future POS has the right size to fit your needs. Naturally, we support standard DVRs with text insertion and managers can view the video associated with POS activities with the click of a button. Where we blow the competition away is with our built-in surveillance system that uses ordinary web cameras. For the price of a webcam you can eliminate buddy punching, view live cameras and monitor your business with event-driven video. Protect your business from fraud and theft by tracking important point-of-sale activities.

Surveillance With Text Insertion

  • Labor Scheduling and Employee Timekeeping, which can be exported to numerous payroll companies and accounting packages
  • Tip pooling for team service and / or sharing tips with bar backs and busboys
  • Employee Break maintenance to keep you in compliance with state-mandated and minor specific break laws
  • Gift certificate issuing and tracking
  • Frequent Diner Program with customizable reward levels
  • Inventory Tracking with food costing and the ability to export inventory information to third-party inventory packages
  • Customer Reservations
  • Bartender drink recipes for training new bar staff
  • The ability to pre-authorize bar tabs
  • House charge accounts for tracking customer purchases and employee meals with personalized statements.
  • Customer loyalty program allows you to email numerous customers at once to alert them about specials, events, etc.
  • Driver’s license verification using barcode or magnetic swipe reader
  • Beer and wine club
  • Ability to easily split checks by seat
  • Kitchen orders of course, with the ability to hold and fire items
  • Microsoft SQL Database for rock-solid reliability and scalability
  • Ability to interface with Microsoft MapPoint and Google Maps for delivery directions
  • Numerous interfaces to popular payroll, general ledger, and inventory control programs
  • Online Ordering for eCommerce, which allows orders to come from the web to the kitchen seamlessly
  • Several EMV options with mobile payment technologies (ApplePay, SamsungPay, etc.)
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BBB A+ Accredited since 1983.